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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you have your first massage a minimum 5 days post surgery.

A balloon-like pocket of fluid will form beneath the skin, usually near the incision site or liposuctioned area. When touched, the pocket of fluid will ripple under the skin. The most common areas for a seroma to form are beneath the breast, near drain sites or near surgical incisions.

Yes, when carried out by a specifically trained professional qualified in post surgical aftercare and treatment. Not only is post-surgery massage safe, it’s highly effective in aiding post surgical recovery and assisting with gaining optimal surgery results, particularly from cosmetic surgery procedures.

We suggest beginning body contouring treatments at around 7 week post op.

Yes, absolutely! Non-surgical body contouring is excellent for helping to drain excess fluid from the body, leaving you looking and feeling more toned and lean.

Yes, but not immediately after surgery. We suggest waiting around 7-8 weeks after your surgery before starting a course of body contouring treatments.

No, our non-surgical butt lift/butt filler treatments don’t have any down time. Full aftercare is provided with recommendations of any activities to limit etc based on your specific case.

Whilst it depends largely on maintenance, the results of our non-surgical body contouring usually last around 2 weeks. Full aftercare information is provided, including how to maximise and prolong results.

This varies on a case by case basis, and a bespoke plan will be created for you by one of our specialist therapists.

We suggest 2 massages per week, although the optimal number will depend on your specific body type, your surgical procedure and overall health. A bespoke plan will be created for you based on your specific needs.

We suggest starting with 10 massages, although you may need more or less depending on your surgical procedure and overall health. A specialist will put together a plan based on your individual needs.

We have a fully qualified nurse within our expert team who can help with all wound care advice and any issues etc.

A stage 2 garment is a medical grade garment designed to help you in the surgical recovery process by compressing the body and absorbing fluid.

You will need your stage 2 post-surgical garment from 10-14 days post op.

Typically your stage 2 garment should be worn for a minimum of 6 weeks for best results.

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