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Non Surgical Body Contouring

Look better and feel better with our innovative non surgical body contouring treatment, designed to rid the body of toxins, improve skin and sculpt the body.

When life is busy, it can be hard to put our bodies first, often resulting in a poor diet, inactive lifestyle, dehydration and a loss of confidence. That’s where our treatment comes in, to help you feel completely revitalised, healthier and more confident in your body. 

Our non surgical body contouring treatment includes a 2 step process to activate and stimulate the lymphatic system in a 90 minute session. This is an essential and delicate system within the body that is part of the immune system, and without being properly cared for, it can negatively impact all areas of the body. This includes your skin health, abnormally high levels of water retention and the ability of your body to fight infection and disease. As a result of looking after your body on the inside, you will achieve incredible results on the outside. 

What to expect from our non surgical body contouring

Our team of experts have an in-depth understanding of the body and the lymphatic system, so know exactly what is required for each individual to help activate and stimulate the system to achieve the best possible results. There are two main steps in this process, with the first being a magnesium wrap and sauna session with an infrared light system to fully detox the body, to remove heavy metals and excess fluid. 

The second step is the contouring stage. We offer a variety of contouring techniques, and during a consultation with our experts, they will establish a bespoke treatment plan for you specifically. Our most commonly utilised contouring techniques are either the Brazilian hand contour technique with a focus on lymphatic drainage, or wood cupping with origins in Brazil and Columbia, which extracts fluid from the body. 

All you need to do is sit back and relax in our stunning clinic whilst our team provide our exceptional 5* patient care. Each and every one of us are extremely passionate about what we do and will do everything we can to exceed your expectations. 

What are the benefits of non surgical body contouring? 

Non surgical body contouring is such a popular treatment as the benefits are so vast! From improving skin health, reducing water retention, combating acne and body acne, reducing cellulite, sculpting and defining the body and improving the body’s metabolism, this effective treatment can help you to feel completely revitalised in just 90 minutes. 

Who is suitable for non surgical body contouring? 

Non surgical body contouring is ideally suited to people who are: 

  • Looking to improve the contour of their body
  • Lacking energy
  • Largely inactive
  • Interested in improving their metabolism
  • Experiencing tired and aching muscles
  • Feeling lethargic
  • Struggling with their skin health
  • Wanting to tighten and soften the skin 

Contact us for more information 

To find out more about our non surgical body contouring and how it can help you, contact us today to speak to one of our experts! 

Body Contour

What's Included
£ 138 Starting From
  • Heat therapy
  • Detoxify wrap with magnesium
  • Brazilian detox and drain hand sculpting
  • Full guidance, maintenance advice and treatment aftercare

Wood Therapy

What's Included
£ 138 Starting From
  • Whilst reducing localised fat
  • The use of ancient advance wood tools to contour and sculpt the body, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite whilst removing localise fat and inches within the hour

Lymphatic Facial

What's Included
£ 60 Starting From
  • This is a 45min face massage designed to help reduced swelling and puffiness of the face
  • Best For: Water retention - Facial bloating - Post surgery ( face augmentation)

Body Contouring Package

What's Included
£ 570 Starting From
  • 5 session, 1 session per week
  • The option between hand or wood therapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Detoxifying wrap
  • Full bespoke treatment plan
  • Full guidance, maintenance advice and treatment aftercare
  • 50%OFF our self massage tutorial video so you can maintain your results in-between sessions in the comfort of your own home.