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Pre-Surgery Care

Prepare your mind and body for your life changing journey to a better you with our pre surgery care treatments

Having surgery can take its toll on the body, so with our pre surgery care treatments, you can make sure that you are getting your body into the best condition possible. By creating a custom exercise and diet plan, detoxing the body through lymphatic drainage massage and having an infrared sauna session to further detox the body and reduce stress, you can maximise your results and also aid a healthy recovery.

What to expect from our pre surgery care

Our pre surgery care treatment involves four sessions, designed to target your diet and overall health with a bespoke plan. Ideally, you will begin this four weeks before your surgery, with one session per week, so you are prepped and ready for surgery.

We will conduct an in depth consultation, where we break down all aspects of your surgery and the necessary preparation, as well as a personalised diet and exercise plan. If you have not yet booked your surgery, we provide surgery consults where we can help you to find the right surgeon, free of charge.

In the next session, we conduct lymphatic drainage. This is a specialist massage that stimulates the lymph vessels in the lymphatic system to naturally detox the body, flushing out toxins to help maintain healthy blood circulation and immune function, which are essential during surgery and recovery.

This is our heat therapy session, where we couple our infrared sauna with our magnesium detox wrap to help release heavy metals and toxins from your body at a rapid rate. This treatment also removes excess water as well as improving circulation and relaxing muscles. A perfect opportunity to completely relax, helping to reduce stress in preparation for your surgery.

The final session is another lymphatic drainage massage, as final preparation before the surgery, to bring your body to optimal health and to aid post surgery recovery.

What are the benefits of pre surgery care with Touch of Health

  • Prepares the body and mind for surgery through expert care
  • Aid post surgery recovery, including decreasing and softening scar tissue 
  • Relax the nervous system
  • Detox the body 
  • Relax the muscles and relieve tension
  • Improve circulation

Why choose Touch of Health for your pre surgery care? 

At Touch of Health, we are extremely passionate about what we do and always provide 5* patient care. With a professional yet welcoming approach, you know that you will feel comfortable and fully relaxed during every treatment. 

Our team of therapists are highly experienced, meaning that you will achieve the best results as well as having an exceptional level of patient care. Simply sit back and relax in our beautiful clinic whilst we help you to feel amazing and prepare your body for surgery.

Pre Surgery Care

What's Included
£ 240 Starting From
  • Prepare your mind and body for your life changing journey to a better you with our pre surgery care treatments