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Scar Restoration

Those wanting to improve the appearance of scars on their body which make them feel self concious

Following surgery you may have been left with scars on your body that are making you feel self conscious. We understand the emotional effects of scarring and we want to do everything in our power to help you disguise your scars.

Here at Touch of Health, we have various treatments that can improve the appearance of your scar and make it blend in with the surrounding skin tone.

What treatments are available?

This treatment is great for anyone with raised scars, uneven scars, indented scars and discoloured scars.

MCA can be used to smooth out, shrink, relax and improve the texture and colour of scars. It also helps tight scars and gives back elasticity and movement. MCA alone can give amazing results. This is a medical procedure that uses precise and targeted trauma which increases Collagen, Elastin and Melanin.

This treatment is also amazing on stretch mark and burns.

MCA is a multi session treatment. Everyone’s skin reacts differently. Some people have amazing results after one session while with others it can take 3-8 sessions to get the desired result.

Using prescriptive colours and the highest-quality equipment, we can skilfully implant colour pixels into your scar, mimicking your skin tone and blending your scar into the surrounding skin.

What areas can be treated?

Scars from surgery or injury, stretch marks, self haring scars.

Normally two sessions are required. An initial session, followed by a top up 4-6 weeks after the first session.

Scar Restoration

What's Included
£ 100 Starting From