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Nurse's Clinic

Our specialist nurses can address all of your post surgery needs

Having professional care from experienced medical nurses following your surgery is an important part of a healthy and effective recovery. With our nurses clinic, we are on hand to assist with all aspects of your recovery, utilising over 3 years of experience on NHS surgical wards. 

The specifics of your post surgery care will depend on the particular procedure you have had, but with our experience, we are equipped to provide you with the most effective bespoke treatment.

What can our nurses clinic offer?

Our nurses are highly experienced in post surgery care, so we are able to adapt to the needs of each and every patient, to create personalised care plans. This is including, but not exclusive to: 

  • Seroma aspiration
  • Drain removals
  • Stitch removals and aftercare (particularly for procedures carried out abroad)
  • Wound care

Seroma aspirations are one of the most important treatments in our nurses clinic. Seromas are a build up of clear fluid inside the body, which is common after surgery. Whilst this is rarely dangerous, it can be painful and uncomfortable. Our medical nurses can drain the seroma, helping to relieve you of the discomfort.  

What are the benefits of our nurses clinic? 

At Touch of Health, we are highly experienced and professional medical nurses. Each element of our post surgery care can be carefully tailored to you and your specific procedure. We understand the importance of an individualistic approach following surgery, to not only provide you with the safest treatment, but also the most effective results. 

We have heavily invested in our beautiful clinic, to give you the calming and relaxing environment that you deserve. Caring for your mental health following surgery is just as important as your physical health, and with our 5* patient care, we will help you to achieve that. With a true passion for what we do, we are sure that your expectations will be exceeded.

Contact us for more information! 

Contact us today to speak to one of our experts about our nurses clinic, to see how we can help you to achieve the healthiest and most effective recovery possible.

Nurse Consultation

What's Included
£ 40 Starting From
  • Full consultation with a registered, practicing nurse to address your concerns with advice and suggested treatment plan if necessary

Seroma Aspiration

What's Included
£ 120 Starting From
  • Professional seroma aspiration by a registered, practicing nurse

Wound Care

What's Included
£ 60 Starting From
  • Professional wound care by a registered, practicing nurse

Drain Removal

What's Included
£ 120 Starting From
  • Professional post-surgery drain removal by a registered, practicing nurse