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Post-Surgery Aftercare

Specialist recovery program through first crucial stages of post operative recovery

Introducing our specialist post surgery aftercare, designed to help you through the first crucial stages of post op recovery. Maximise the results of your surgery, feel revived and recover in the safest way possible.

Surgery can put your body, particularly your critically important lymphatic system, under a significant amount of stress. So, our team at Touch of Health are here to help you feel refreshed, revived and comfortable, following your surgery. It is essential for you to look after your body in the critical weeks following surgery, and we are here to give it the care and attention it needs.

We do this in our luxury clinic with our bespoke treatments. The most important part of the aftercare process is lymphatic massage – manually flush out toxins and assist the body with maintaining a healthy blood circulation and immune function. These massages are more important than ever in the first few weeks following surgery. Get ready to experience an aesthetically pleasing road to recovery with Touch of Health.

What to expect from our post-surgery aftercare

Using an in-depth knowledge of the healing process of the body, our specialist team can assist you with specialist lymphatic drainage massage. The lymphatic system is damaged during surgery and can take 6 to 8 weeks to repair itself. Our 60 minute treatments are designed to act as a manual lymphatic system, flushing out toxins to maintain healthy blood circulation and immune function. We can get started on your post-surgery aftercare from as soon as 5 days post-op and the treatments are suitable for up to 6 weeks after surgery for the best results.

Alongside the lymphatic massage, our experts also provide: 

  • A unique Brazilian hand contouring technique, with a focus on recovery but also helping to define and sculpt the body safely in the weeks following surgery
  • Advice on how to detox the body in order to help inflammation and water retention 
  • Garment advice and alterations
  • Stage 1 and 2 garment measurements that help to prevent seroma, which can often be confusing without support
  • Information on diet and supplement intake
  • Advice on staying properly hydrated to maximise results

At Touch of Health, we provide an exceptional level of patient care, taking a professional yet friendly approach to ensure you are always completely comfortable during every treatment, as well as achieving the best possible results. 


You will never experience anything less than 5* patient care, as the experience and passion that each of our medical nurses holds helps you to look fantastic and feel even better through your recovery. All you need to do is relax in our calming and beautiful clinic.

Our post-surgery aftercare treatments are suitable for people who are postpartum, recovering from c-sections, people with minor injuries or who are post-physio. This treatment is also tailored to people recovering from cosmetic surgery, from tummy tucks to liposuction and Brazilian bum lifts. If you are interested in our treatments, contact us and one of our experts will be more than happy to discuss your suitability. 

If you are pregnant or have heart conditions, this treatment is safe as long as you have a sign off from your doctor. For people currently having cancer treatment, this treatment is not suitable.

Single Session

What's Included
£ 120 Starting From
  • 1 session

Package of 5

What's Included
£ 468 Starting From
  • 1 tailored session per week
  • including lymphatic drainage massage
  • compression Garment fitting and assistance

Package of 10

What's Included
£ 780 Starting From
  • 10 tailored sessions spread over the course of 5/6 weeks
  • Compression garment fitting and assistance
  • 10th session is a complimentary body contouring session including heat therapy and magnesium wrap
  • Fibrosis prevention
  • 30% off our self massage tutorial enabling you to carry out your own massages at home between sessions

Package of 20

What's Included
£ 1440 Starting From
  • 18 tailored sessions spread over the course of 6 weeks
  • Compression garment fitting and assistance
  • 2 complimentary body contouring sessions including heat therapy
  • Fibrosis prevention
  • 50% off our self massage tutorial enabling you to carry out your massages between sessions
  • Free dry body brush

Mobile Massage

What's Included
£ 140 Starting From
  • From the comfort of your own home.
  • If home visits are better suited to you, our team can travel up to 30 minutes from the clinic in Sale for you to enjoy the benefits of our treatments for the comfort of your own home
  • Available within a commutable distance from our premises

Lymphatic Facial

What's Included
£ 60 Starting From
  • This is a 45min face massage designed to help reduced swelling and puffiness of the face
  • Best For: Water retention - Facial bloating - Post surgery ( face augmentation)